Monday, July 7, 2014

Hi, hello assalamualaikum,

Guess who is back ?! Well, hopefully la :p it has been indeed a solid 4 or 5 months since I last posted something up . From my last post, I was actually in the middle of my first sem, and guess what .. now Im already done with my first year in med school ! Yes, indeed alhamdulillah . I survived my first year in medical school, 2 whole VERY stressful semesters. A lot went down honestly, both physically and emotionally while going through the 2 semesters. I laughed, I cried, I got into petty fights, I had fun with my bestfriends, I enjoyed college, I enjoyed living abroad. Now, Im currently on my summer break for about 2 months I think, so... guess who's back in Malaysia :D

Its been a week plus since I landed in Kualalala Lumpur, after a gruesome 13 hour flight from Alexandria to Malaysia, not including the 9 hour PLUS 2 transit in Doha, was extremely tiring but alhamdulillah everything went fine. I did not tell my family that I was coming home though, so that I could suprise them right at their doorstep, so when I arrived Miera, Danial and Mimey picked me up I felt SUPER GUILTY I didnt tell them I had a 2 hour delay and they waited for me for almost 3 hours. Seeing their faces at the arrivals hall, ugh I felt super happy I was home already. After settling things in the car, I told them I want my first meal in Malaysia to be McD's Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe and they agreed but Mimey wanted to go get dessert at Kulcats so we went there first. When I arrived, apparently Kulcats was closing already cause it was already REALLY late. But when I came out of the car, I saw ALL of my favourite people there, Im not kidding, from Mia, to Fadh,Izreen, Hariz was there EVEN SHARAF ! Ohmygod they planned me a suprise welcome home- birthday celebration WHICH I WAS SUPER DUPER LATE FOR BECAUSE OF THAT 2 HOUR DELAY IN DOHA, and it was getting late and Kulcats was closing so I just met everyone outside, I actually broke down in tears cause I made everyone wait and I didnt tell them about my delay, ugh guilt trip please. But I was so happy everyone was there. Reunited with all my favorite people in one night, I couldnt be happier. We moved the party to McD where I finally got my much craved for burger with the comrades, was so thankful to Miera for planning everything, I felt super guilty I ruined everything, I could tell that she was feeling really tired. Definitely my number 0 bestfriend forever la Miera. That night, I slept over the twins, after showering and cleaning myself up after almost a day and a half of not showering, I blacked out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Next day, woke up to Shar sitting on my stomach around noon, FINALLY REUNITED WITH MY BESTFRIEND I was a bit confused when I woke up , haha after showering and all, we all headed to Shah Alam so we could suprise my fambam. I hid behind the car, and Miera went to knock on the door. Mother opened up, talked for a while with Shar Miera and Mia before I jumped out from behind the car. Mother being her usual emotional self :p haha cried when she saw my, I honestly did not expect that kind of reaction I was speechless. IT WAS A SUCCESS ! ALL THAT WEEKS OF PLANNING WITH MY BROTHER, I managed to suprise my family ! I couldnt have done it without my bestfriends help though, I appreciate everyone's ( especially Miera) help in surprising my family .

Throughout this whole week here in Malaysia, I still have not had my mamak fix yet, I still havent managed to see Hazwani and Azi, but life has been pretty good. Since its Ramadhan, I spend my mornings at my grandparents with Fatty, since I am now the driver for my brother and mother when they go to work and school, and I have my iftar with the family, but after dinner the car is absolutely mine so I usually spend my nights with my friends. As usualy, we'd be hanging out at the twin's place or at some cafe, God I miss going out with my friends, I miss hanging out at the twin's . I miss everything, going out made me realize what I had to leave when I decided that I wanted to study in Egypt. But then again, you win some, you loose some kan ? So, im okay. Until then .

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